In addition to OEMs, our customers include medium-sized suppliers. One of the major challenges within the automotive industry: Their products are put into the supply chain “just-in-time” or “just-in-sequence” day after day. This makes digital supply chain management one of the decisive factors for competitive success in the global production cycle.


We put optimal processes on the road

In various product lines, we at enowa have specialized in using SAP and our products / AddOns to bring your company into pole position, end to end, standardized and harmonized. We bring the optimal processes together with our customers as a team on the streets, reduce lead times and design with Industry 4.0 competitive advantages in the global market. Our goal is the common and partnership way with our customers, whether as support in the most important foreign locations on site or as support for overlapping topics around the globe: We offer our customers real business benefit!

Your benefits

Successful lean management

Stromschnellen veranschaulicht digitale Transformation

With our process experts, we bring core processes as well as support processes into the digital age. In doing so, we prove that lean management does not necessarily only lead to increased efficiency in production: Quick wins are also hidden in the often neglected back office, which can be achieved with standardized software and harmonized processes!

eSCM - Effective Supply Chain Management by enowa

The success of a company is often determined by the effectiveness of the value chain - and its digitalization. Therefore, the importance of Supply Chain Management (SCM) can hardly be overestimated. Our enowa experts have developed an innovative approach to vertical integration that allows you to expand your digital supply chain beyond classic SCM and achieve direct added value for your company. The idea here: create a high level of planning with IBP via a collaboration network and Blockchain between your suppliers and customers / OEM network.

Standardization and harmonization of processes

For our automotive customers, there are some specific topics in support processes , which we can optimize from experience, e.g. credit note procedures, quality topics, EDI, portal connections or inventories. With these process harmonizations, efficiency increases can be achieved quickly and often cost-effectively.

Our Services

Full range of services in the automotive sector

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What our customers say about us

The starting position for our SAP project was anything but comfortable. But the positive experience we had led us to the conclusion that future projects can also be set up more flexibly with much less travel and therefore fewer resources.
Wilfried Beneker, COO Vorwerk Autotec
The ease of bookings and reduced goods movement and inspection workload has eased the burden on our team and protects against avoidable errors in cross-docking processing.
Jacek Hoppe, Leiter Operations Controlling Vorwerk Autotec Polska

We are here for you!

Dennis Dünnweg
Associate Partner and General Manager CN