Change Management

Companies face the key challenge to adapt to the increasing dynamics of the market. Processes, products and the organization must become increasingly better, more agile and more flexible,in order to secure their own market position and strengthen their future strengthen its future viability. A key factor here is the people in the company who need to be prepared, supported and processes, and must be prepared, supported and developed.

As change management experts, we take a holistic we take a holistic view of your employees and your organization, so that they can understand, accept and understand, accept and adapt the necessary changes.

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Why does your project need Change Management?

How often have you heard: “Our employees are our most important asset”? In projects, however, this valuable capital is often insufficiently taken into account. For example, employees are employees are usually not integrated into the process until shortly before go-live. The result is that employees are frustrated and the project fails to achieve its desired goals. Only 15 percent of the projects that do not use change management achieve their goals in terms of time, budget and quality.*

When it comes to change, people are the common denominator for achieving the ambitious goals – that’s why you also need Change Management in your project. Change Management helps you prepare, train, and support the people in your company for the upcoming prepare, train and support the people in your company for the upcoming change in order to improve the company’s success and results.

With the help of our change management approach we can:

  • Address different impacts of the project on people and teams
  • close the gap between requirements and results
  • increase the probability of project success
  • Mitigate business critical risks
  • limit the variability of changes
  • increase user acceptance of the project
  • manage resistance to change

* Prosci (2018). Best Practices in Change Management, p. 124

Our services

Our Change management services

Kerze in Glühbirne zum Wandel in Unternehmen

We offer results-oriented on-site and virtual solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and business objectives.

Change Communications

For employees to support transformation processes, they must understand the need behind it. In this context, we assume the role of interpreter between the transformation managers and employees. Through convincing and emotional communication measures, we make the change process tangible and comprehensible for all those involved. understandable.

Change Training

The introduction of a new digital solution will not develop its full potential if employees cannot use it. Therefore, employees and managers should be qualified for a change project. We support your transformation processes with effective workshops, coaching and training so that employees gain the necessary skills to implement the change in their daily work.

Change & Culture Analysis

In line with your change project, we also accompany your cultural development. With the help of various analyses and surveys, we regularly gain an overview of your project and the people involved, in order to be able to accompany the transformation with precisely tailored measures.

Leading Change

We accompany you with our integrative and pragmatic project approach in leading your change project. We develop a customized change strategy and implementation plan with all stakeholders, which we regularly review and adapt.


In order for change, training and communication measures to have their full impact, they must speak the language of the stakeholders and be produced in a high-quality manner. To achieve this, we work hand in hand with our communications design team.

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Patricia Pela
Consultant Change Management & Communication