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Knowledge has become the decisive factor for the success of companies. To have knowledge or not to have knowledge decides the competition. But knowledge must be actively managed if companies are to move forward successfully. This applies to successful onboarding, training and development, and the transfer of knowledge from experienced colleagues to new employees. After all, well-trained specialists are now THE key competitive factor. It is important to identify what the company knows. In other words: to make actually existing know-how visible and accessible to third parties.

As specialists for training and learning consulting, we support you in the conception and realization of your individual knowledge management – tailor-made for your company.

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How we work

Modular principle

Every project is as individual as we are. Since we are aware of this, we use a modular principle for our services. We combine our services to suit your project. In doing so, we are always a neutral and independent partner at eye level.

Our own consulting methodology

We advise you according to our own consulting methodology, based on CELM (Certified European E-Learning Manager). This means that you receive comprehensive consulting on all training topics from a single source. Our team of didacticians, technology & IT specialists and designers combines many years of experience and expertise for your successful knowledge management.

Blended Learning

We live blended learning. It is our conviction that by combining learning methods, the disadvantages of individual learning methods are balanced by the advantages of another.
are compensated. In the combination of digital and real learning offers, flexible and above all efficient learning becomes possible.


We are convinced that it is not only important to develop good content once. Rather, we believe in the interaction of participants, training design and organization. Through targeted management of these three components, we ensure that what is learned is actually transferred, internalized and implemented in everyday work after the actual training.
implemented. This is the only way to ensure that training investments do not go to waste, but create real added value for the company. For this purpose, we rely on the methodology of transfer effectiveness and create real added value for the learners and the organization.


The eye is our most important sensory organ. Since we can take in more information with the eye than with any other of our senses, design is particularly important for learning processes. We believe that an aesthetically pleasing experience is as much a part of training as content design. Design supports the learning process and enhances the usability of the training.

Our services

Our services

Gehirn mit Vernetzungen verdeutlicht Corporate Learning Ansatz

We have been supporting a wide variety of companies and projects with our services and products for many years. Since every project is different, we use a modular principle: not all companies and projects require all services. Rather, we combine our services individually tailored to your project.

In doing so, enowa is always a neutral and independent partner at eye level. Whether in the development of learning and training strategies, in deciding on your learning method mix in the

We advise you independently and on the basis of our many years of experience, whether you are developing learning and training strategies, deciding on your learning method mix in the company, selecting a provider for standard learning content or choosing an authoring tool or learning management system. Cross-industry and without ties to any suppliers of tools or content.

Development of learning and training strategies

A training concept sets the course for learning and training in a company and is therefore the cornerstone of knowledge management. Clear and defined processes, responsibilities, learning formats and suitable tools make training possible in the first place. Moreover, concepts that have been created once must always be adapted. The world of training is constantly evolving. Your concepts and strategies should do the same! We support you with our industry expertise and many years of project experience.

Setting up training portals, learning management and performance support systems

An essential point for implementing the training concept is setting up the IT and tool infrastructure. Enowa is a reliable and independent partner here. We accompany you from the definition of requirements, through toolevaluation and vendor selection through to implementation. And if required, we can also train your team of administrators in the daily use of the set-up infrastructure.

Selection and implementation of authoring tools incl. template and CI development

Enabling content production via authoring tools is a critical factor for successful knowledge transfer in the enterprise. This can range from complex authoring suites to ad-hoc content that can be used by learners themselves for rapid knowledge transfer. This is the only way to make company-specific knowledge transparent within the company.

Content creation, visualization and technical implementation

We specialize in the development of individual content, which is done in close consultation with your subject matter experts. This is always done with a didactic orientation and with a focus on the corresponding target group of the training. The type of material depends on many factors and will be determined together with you in an initial meeting. Whether as e-learning or classroom training: We support you with a team of didacticians, designers and technicians.

Training and project communication

Do good and talk about it! This principle also applies to training. In launch campaigns, we support your learning project with convincing communication measures and ensure that the training reaches the learner. We also help to implement organizational changes (for example in changed processes, roles or responsibilities) and to anchor them in the organization. Acceptance and understanding are the drivers of any organizational development. We support you in this with an industry-leading change management approach according to Prosci ADKAR®.

We did it again


For the second time, enowa AG was awarded the eLearning AWARD together with its customer LANXESS Deutschland GmbH. The eLearning Journal awarded the project “Knowledge Portal 3.0 – Discovering new worlds of learning at LANXESS” in the category “Learning Experience”.

With the redesign of the Knowledge Portal, the project team has now created a knowledge portal that is not only easy to use, but also creates added value and benefits for employees thanks to its attractive content.

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Stefan Baltzer
Senior Management Consultant Competence Center Manager