S/4HANA Transformation

S/4HANA implementations with maximum benefit

The introduction of S/4HANA is a great opportunity: it can be a promise for a digital, efficient and connected future. A promise for transparent, data-driven business management. A promise for efficient processes.

These opportunities must be seized – but what is the best way to approach the topic of S/4HANA? How do you make sure you get the most out of S/4HANA for the future?

Transformation approach

ConVersion Factory: Modular. Flexible. Efficient.

With our ConVersion Factory, we have developed our own S/4HANA transformation approach to provide our customers with optimal support for these issues. The special feature of the ConVersion Factory is its modular structure, which allows you to flexibly adapt your S/4HANA project to your needs. In this way, you benefit from an individual S/4HANA solution path that we can efficiently implement together with our proven approach based on SAP Activate.

S/4HANA Transformation

Our content-based S/4HANA solution approach

As a partner, we see it as our responsibility to provide you with holistic support and guarantee that you derive the maximum benefit from your S/4HANA transformation. You benefit from our five S/4HANA dimensions, which implement all business, functional and technical requirements.

Our five dimensions provide you with the ideal orientation within a S/4HANA project. What are the most important topics? What do we need to address in our business units?

Technical Base

We ensure the technical basis through an optimal operating concept. We support you in the decision-making process towards cloud or on-premise. From migration to analysis and adoption of custom code - we put your future system on a sustainable technical foundation.

Active Organisation

Something that is often forgotten - but one of the most important success factors for a S/4HANA transformation: The employees' involvement and willingness to change for the new system. We ensure your active and integrated organization through comprehensive training concepts and change management activities. Because an optimal S/4HANA system is based on the active participation of your colleagues and employees.

Structural Base

The Structural Basis focuses on your data quality. What is your master data quality like and which optimization screws can we turn? Do you already have consistent value flows? Are your organizational structures in line with your operating model and where are the efficiency gains? These are all questions we can answer for you, and we will work with you to find a solution.

End-to-End Process Model

Our best-practice business processes from the experience of numerous S/4HANA transformation projects enable you to implement an end-to-end process model and benefit massively from the efficiency gains. With an end-to-end process model, your company will work with S/4HANA in a more transparent, integrated and faster way.
We create the basis for this with our other dimensions.

Business Management

We optimize your business management and can support you through our business consulting in the development of IT strategies, the development of a new target operating model and the calculation of S/4HANA business cases.

Project approach

Our project approach based on SAP Activate

The content dimensions of the ConVersion Factory cover all aspects of an S/4HANA transformation. The matching approach is based on the advantages of SAP Activate. We have supplemented SAP’s project procedure with our insights and experience.

Our key insight: S/4HANA transformation is not a sprint – it is a marathon that requires careful planning and preparation, followed by meticulous and dynamic implementation. We divide the overall S/4HANA project into a total of three phases, in which we work continuously on the content dimensions.


  • Pre-study

  • Realization & Go-Live

  • Application Management

We start with a preliminary study in which we develop the foundations for a successful S/4HANA project: What is the corporate strategy and which transformation scenario is the most suitable for your company (Greenfield, Brownfield, Bluefield)? Would you like to optimize your target operating model and also implement innovative end-to-end processes? We support you with our expertise in answering these and other questions and jointly define your S/4HANA roadmap in the preliminary study with the help of our content dimensions.


Roadmap to S/4HANA Roadmap

Our “Roadmap to S/4HANA Roadmap” approach guides you step by step to the right fork for your company!

We provide the methodological framework – you decide which topics should be examined and illuminated in more detail.

We make a recommendation after evaluating all results – you decide the scope, content and depth of the transformation.

  • Setup

  • Pre-Alignement

  • Detailed Analysis

  • Roadmap Design

  • Roadmap Decision & Presentation

  • Set up the project organization and define the scope of the project
  • In addition to those related to SAP, e.g. organizational issues, such as data cleansing, should be part of the project scope
  • Duration: 2 weeks
Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation with S/4HANA

Anyone who wwants to deal with the topic of finace transformation must also deal with S/4HANA. The question is no longer whether to migrate – but when.

We are here for you!

Thomas Haendly
Chief Digital Officer Business Area Industry and Managing Partner