Supply Chain Management and eSCM

We already knew before Covid-19 the importance of effective supply chain management in a globalized and networked world, but the Covid-19 crisis once again clearly demonstrated the importance of a properly functioning digital value chain. Industrial companies needed a centrally managed digital supply chain platform that could meet each customer’s requirements separately and respond quickly, agilely and flexibly to changing conditions.


Smooth production process - through effective supply chain management

Effective supply chain management ensures cross-company planning and control of the entire value chain, thus guaranteeing the long-term success of your company in highly complex supply and production processes. enowa’s experts can advise you on how to establish an end-to-end (E2E) digital supply chain, optimize your processes and thus ensure smooth production processes.

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eSCM - enowa's Supply Chain Management

For many years, the standard in manufacturing has been the integration of MRP (Material Requirements Planning) control, from customer forecasting or demand planning, to production planning and material/resource planning, to ordering from suppliers.

Our experts at enowa have specifically addressed the automotive industry (production, automotive suppliers ……) have developed their own approach to the requirements of the automotive industry. With “eSCM by enowa”, the company extends its digital supply chain beyond the traditional SCM and realizes direct added value.

Our vision is the next step of vertical integration in two directions.

  • The first is to create a high level of planning with IBP (Integrated Business Planning) through a collaborative network and blockchain between your suppliers and your customers/OEM network.
  • The second is to integrate the whole workshop with new technologies, such as our “MES system for MKW manufacturing” and EWM (Extended Warehouse Management).
Vernetzte Industrie durch Supply Chain Management
Relevant Products

SAP solutions in supply chain management

  • Integrated business planning and blockchain for long-term planning of automotive production.
  • Standard SAP ERP Products
  • Shop floor integration (Industry 0)
    • WM / EWM in IoT scenarios
    • End-to-end integration of MES with ERP and machines
    • QM in IoT scenarios
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