您是否知道,所有IT项目中只有1/3成功完成(*参考来源)? 原因之一是员工的参与和培训不足。 随着新系统的引入,不仅用户界面发生了变化,而且员工的业务流程和工作方法也经常发生变化,为了让他们做好准备使用新技术,企业需要培训员工如何使用新技术。

我们enowa可以在这个过程中为您提供支持。 我们开发和进行IT培训的标准化程序,是基于IT项目的实施阶段,我们期望能使客户适应项目的方法,留意 用户的需求。  因为我们总会安排以双方的语言进行溝通,所以我们知道全面的业务需求,我们知道我们在项目和IT 中该如何做 ,并且我们对有效的IT培训有深刻的理解。 

(*来源: The Standish Group: Chaos Report)




By mixing real and digital learning content, we combine the best of both worlds and balance the disadvantages of one learning method with another. This makes learning more flexible, more efficient and also more sustainable.


"If only you knew what you knew" - Ever heard that? Employees are often unaware of the learning opportunities that already exist within the organization. And to ensure that your IT knowledge from the project does not run the risk of remaining unseen, project-accompanying
communication management supports the marketing of the new learning opportunities and thus helps to distribute the new knowledge to the employees. This ensures that employees are familiar with the upcoming changes and that there is less resistance.
To this end, we work closely with our change management experts.


One of the most important factors for sustainable learning is the attractive design of learning offerings. An appealing design, a visual language that sets anchor points, and a good user experience support the learning process and motivate learners. Therefore, our motto is: the eye learns along with you.


When many people work together, a fixed and established production process facilitates the coordination of training creation.
This way, everyone knows when what needs to be done, when active collaboration or approval is required. Therefore, we have developed a roadmap (procedure) that significantly simplifies and streamlines the training creation process.


In the use of systems, questions arise again and again. To get answers to questions, employees can use colleagues or the Internet in addition to an in-house learning portal. This approach can be time-consuming. We support employees via performance support tools and shorten the path from question to answer by pushing learning opportunities directly to the desktop/application.
To learn more about learning portals and performance support, check here.



我们将IT知识与教学知识相结合。 通过我们从设计、教学到IT专家组成的知识管理团队,我们一方面能够了解客户将要引进系统的技术语言。 另一方面,我们也会说学习者的语言,还能使新系统对他们来说是易于理解。 特别是对于IT培训,随着新软件的引进过程,我们设计了一套程序,这与项目管理和变革管理密切相关。

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